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Looking for the best time wasters? Wait for the top ten list of the best arcade games that you could acquire in the app store. Just finished that dark puzzle game and looking for new titles within the same genre? Just wait for the next recommendation article or better yet scout the forums to have a more diverse set of recommendations from the good people in the community.


Here in this blog, you can be assured that your gaming interests will be covered.


Latest News

Daily news updates about the latest developments concerning the gaming community will be heavily featured. This will be accompanied with an in-depth analysis of the events that affects the gaming community and how that affects the current state of the whole industry. The authors of this blog are always on the lookout for interesting information so expect occasional articles about the most recent rumors and speculations within the backrooms and halls of the biggest game developers out there.


Stay tuned for articles that discuss new discoveries or research that concerns new technologies or the gamers themselves. Any kind of news, positive or negative, will be weighed, viewed and reacted upon for the convenience, enjoyment and for the knowledge that it provides.


Being a blog that keeps the community within it a significant part of the whole process of producing content, it also feature articles that have a direct effect on the community itself. It will cover detailed summaries and expositions about the latest events and conventions and what transpired in those events. What latest technologies were presented and how those can improve the overall gaming experience.


Game Reviews and Recommendations

Above all, this site will focus on the games. Expect exhaustive and detailed analyses of the design, game play and storyline of each game. Also be prepared for a variety of reviews about games coming from different platforms. Content under this category will be used to highlight mobile game applications, full on online MMORPGs or reminisce by reviewing beloved retro games. Enjoy a candid look into the most popular titles and discover the most obscure gems in the vast wasteland that is the gaming industry.


Also, expect a unique list of the best tips, tricks and recommendations coming straight from the forums. This will help organize the most helpful and useful links and other informational articles into a more manageable place. It will also create a meta-post wherein non-members and enthusiasts alike can discover information from the places within the forums that may have otherwise been left to obscurity.


Game Developers

Here at this blog, the authors have a keen interest and appreciation for various game developers that are dedicated to their craft. In this regard, expect content that is focused on putting the spotlight to those people behind the scenes that makes sure to deliver good quality and most importantly, fun gaming experiences to the public.


Different game designers, coders and developers will be featured through profiles, short informational graphics and the like. In doing so, this blog hopes to instill to its readers the amount of work and skill needed to create a masterful work of art. Hopefully, this will inspire and call gamers to actively show their support to various game developers.


This blog also saves some space to feature independent game websites and makers. This is due to a belief that great things come from small beginnings. By supporting those small start-ups or developers that show potential, the blog hopes to pave the way for these developers to continue the tradition and develop the gaming culture even more.


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