Different Roles of a Motivational Speaker

A motivational speaker is an individual who gives out speeches with the purpose of encouraging or motivating the audience. In general, motivational speakers are known to be an expert on the topic of discussion, and would inspire everyone to pay more attention on their own abilities and to start looking at things from another perspective.

What Motivational Speakers Do

 Motivational SpeakersThe most important objective of motivational speakers is to deeply change people on a psychological and/or emotional level. They aim to help people make a bit of a personal or professional improvement. Naturally, people tend to pay attention on their problems and through the use of numerous persuasive speech techniques to motivate and inspire, the speaker would help them to concentrate on the opportunities available to them instead.

A motivational speaker may be hired as a special guest in an event, and some even go places to fulfill their speaking engagements. They deliver speeches in various venues, such as company boardrooms, conferences, community centers, schools, etc. There are more popular speakers who also write and publish inspirational books, appear on TV, and sell DVDs and other merchandise.

Most motivational speakers share a personal story to their audience. This means that they have different backgrounds and they can use their own experience to motivate others. Many people do not evaluate their important life experiences to know if these things can be useful for others. Motivational speakers always take time to reflect on their personal life to check what details could be useful to their audiences.


Motivational SpeakersSome motivational speakers have specialized in different fields of expertise, which include:

  • Personal Development – when most people hear about “motivational speaker,” this is the first thing that comes to their mind. This type of speaker guides and inspires their audience to find purpose in their life. Their speech may talk about overcoming difficulties and providing inspiration or motivation, and in turn, will help people to make a start and see their condition or the world from a different point of view.
  •  Youth Mentor – the developmental stage of the youth is so important and the objective of a youth mentor is to provide young people some kind of leadership and a sense of direction during this time of their lives. This type of motivational speaker hopes to inspire the youth to lead healthy, purposeful lives. Their topics include studying hard, taking school seriously, learning the proper way to interact with other people, and finding their calling/profession. Their audience does not only include the youth in schools and universities, but also those who are out-of-school that hope to still be able to lead a meaningful life.
  •  Business – this type of speaker provides guidance and encouragement to business teams at different levels, from the staff to executive directors. Usually, business speakers also have experience in handling business and can share their own success stories as well as their failures. They help teams have a common purpose, motivate them to improve in their tasks, and promote enthusiasm.
  •  Community – this type of speaker deliver motivational speeches about important community and social issues. Their objective is to educate the community and empower them to take a positive action. They may also inspire the people to get together for a good cause.

Depending on the time they need to create and refine their speech, their speaking engagements, and travel requirements, motivational speakers tend to work irregular hours. Those who are highly successful are sought-after and will be hired to speak at events throughout the country, and some of them speak around the world.

The task of a motivational speaker does not stop after their speaking engagement. Aside from writing books, many of them may also appear on TV, and produce seminars, podcasts or videos.


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