What is unique with efunlink?

This site, efunlink, is primarily a blog. A place to collect useful interesting articles that feature games and gamers alike. Being a gaming blog, its main purpose is covering anything that relates to enhancing the gaming experience. It presents reviews of new titles as well as reviews of gaming consoles and other gaming technology. It also presents the latest news and updates from your favorite game developers.

One of its main goals is to help gamers all around the globe to get more from their gaming experience by keeping them informed. Through sharing of information, this blog aims to help any kind of gamer to have more choices and to make more informed decisions for a truly enjoyable gaming experience.

This is also a community. This blog prides itself with content that is by and for real gamers. It provides a safe place for gamers to geek and nerd out about any random topic. Above all, it gives serious gamers their own space to share their honest and uncensored views and opinions about the unique gaming experience that each console or game has to offer.

That is what is unique in this blog. It values its audience and treats them as integral parts of the machine. Using this kind of ethics, this site hopes to translate that into a similar business model that will put the community’s interests above anything else.

What can this blog offer you?

As presented above, this website puts its relationship with its audience in high regard. It offers services that value the community’s opinions through the open rating system and through the forums. By doing so, efunlink has a direct communication tool with their members. A community that is composed of a diverse set of people across different demographics will be useful for any kind of business. Being a community that is welcoming and indiscriminate of age, gender, status or kind of gamer, it will be a perfect area to gather opinions, accurate reviews, and product reactions. It will be like having one’s own representative sample of the market.

Another advantage will be the ease of mobilizing your advertising ventures. By advertising through online blogs, it will help increase your accessibility and exposure by helping you increase your visibility in the Internet. Not only would it be easier because of the online setting, it will also be more organic. The blog’s emphasis on an open-communication or forum-style system enables the audience to have more of a direct influence towards your content. Spreading through word of mouth is a much more sustainable and genuine way of spreading the reach of your brand.

It is a given fact that people nowadays are always connected through their social media. The power of being viral is real and most if not all that goes viral comes from real authentic posts. A brand that is deeply loved and ingrained within a community will have more chances of being loved by their connections as well.

This kind of process is very much applicable in sites that put their community at the center of their activities, much like this blog.  It is a similar idea that is used in behavioral concepts. It was postulated that it is easier to adapt in a different culture once you have adapted to an existing subculture that is already embedded within the main population.

Similar to the gaming community, once a brand or product becomes ingrained in this vocal and fun-living community, these brands or products will eventually leak out into the consciousness of the general population especially since gamers are vocal about their interests. Big-brand companies have already proven that this kind of advertising works. It has been used in different categories from the entertainment to the technology industry. Just look at the most successful brands of today. One cannot deny the power of good and focused advertising.

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